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Dictionaries for Life

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

This project was initiated about 12 years ago by PDG Colin Bryant of Battersea Rotary and picked up in our club by John Gould. Around 50000 Usborne Illustrated dictionaries are sent out globally, all organised by Colin. The supply chain is complex, with the books ordered in December and printed and shipped from Dubai at, as we know, rapidly increasing shipping costs.

Initially the Rotary Club of Romsey Test confined itself to Year 4 schools in the SO51 postcode, but the hugely positive response locally has led us to increase our reach and now in 2021 we, for the first time, have presented a total of 422 books to 12 schools. The reaction from the children has to be seen to be believed. For some, this will be the only book in their house.

Romsey Test Rotary is working to increase its emphasis on both community impact and vocational contribution. The opportunity to involve many of the club members in the special Assemblies where we present the books and explain what Rotary is all about achieves all of this.

This wonderful project is under something of a threat due to increasing costs and its success depends on continuing and increasing demand from Rotary clubs. It is one of the most fulfilling projects we undertake each year and we encourage other clubs to get involved. More information is on the website at

Stuart Wineberg

Romsey Test Rotary

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