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Purple Crocuses for Polio at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

February 2022 (during school Half Term) we are excited to be linking again with Sir Harold Hillier Gardens raising awareness of the 250,000 purple crocuses which have been planted in the gardens to highlight our polio eradication programme.

DID YOU KNOW! In developing countries where record keeping may not be accurate, they dip the child's fingertip in purple dye to show they have had a polio vaccine.

The battle against COVID19 has highlighted the effectiveness of having a ‘jab’ and Rotary have been working towards the eradication of Polio since 1983 when 350000 cases a year were reported. Now the figure is as little as 200 a year!

During 2020, Africa was declared Wild Polio free, leaving only parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan with the disease. Its heart-warming that Rotary is still able to facilitate the programme in Afghanistan, considering the tragic situation there.

One benefit to the eradication of the polio programme has been that the knowledge, expertise and systems used have been critical for other global health initiatives, including response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is now vitally important that the final push of raising funds to complete the worldwide eradication of Polio.

Rotary in Romsey and Rotary International will be continuing to raise funds for PURPLE FOR POLIO with our event planned during Spring Half Term between February 21st to 27th 2022.

Come along to the stunning gardens at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens and see the beautiful purple blooms and helps us to raise much needed funds to eradicate this terrible disease.

For more information about the gardens visit...

or call 01794 369 8787

Open daily (except Christmas day and Boxing day) from 10am

Jermyns Lane, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0QA

Hampshire County Council is proud sole trustees of Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Registered Charity – 274737

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