Did You Know
Romsey has two

Rotary Clubs


The two clubs operate as separate organisations that come together to help find new ways to serve the community.

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Rotary in Romsey


The Rotary Club of Romsey

has served our community since 1948.  Their two main events are the Romsey Relay Marathon and the Carols in the Marketplace at Christmas time.  They meet weekly on a Tuesday at lunchtime in the Conservative Club in Romsey.


The Rotary Club of Romsey Test 

was formed in 1989. Their main events are Walk the Test Way and the Mayors Picnic.  They meet weekly on a Wednesday in the evening at Romsey Town Hall.

Associated with Rotary is the 
Romsey Inner Wheel Club 
Formed originally as an association for the partners of Rotarians, Inner Wheel is now a thriving  organisation, working both independently and in association  with the two clubs.

Each of the clubs organises a major fundraising event each year. And in each case the other club comes along to help.

Walk the Test Way

Romsey Relay Marathon