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Welcome to our Autumn 2021 Newsletter

So excited to have elected our officers to commence 1st July 2022!

President: Nigel Budd Senior Vice: Edmond Holme Junior Vice: Kerry Daley Secretary; Stuart Wineberg Club Treasurer: Ron Bowater Trust Fund Treasurer: Graham Hollier

Congratulations to all those elected!

We recently resumed breakfast meetings at Youth in Romsey. The first talk was from Henry Roberts, whom our club sponsored as an organ scholar. We are looking forward to more talks in the future. Thank you Youth in Romsey for providing our breakfast and great facilities.

In September, we had a visit from Georgi Welch from the Alzheimers Research UK who gave a wide-ranging talk, stressing the hard facts, to latest research and stressed how important the research is. There is yet no cure unfortunately and the costs of dementia and its consequences are £26 billion!! This was a great talk and there was considerable interest and a lively Q&A. We have yet much more to learn, so spending money on research is vitally important.

If you wish to find out more contact the Alzheimer’s Society 0300 222 1122 or visit their WebSite (

A few members attended the Chamber Music festival 2021, our club had provided some financial support for this event and what a lovely event it was. Well done to all the organisers it was a great evening.

On the 29th September our social committee organised a great Murder Mystery evening. The Murder of Gertrude Murgatroyd. The food by Taste Catering was excellent and the entertainment organised by Heather Witham got everyone guessing all evening!. A lot of fun for everybody.


It was an honour for us to finally be able to present Stuart Marchant of Mountbatten school an award to recognise his contribution to Youth Music In Romsey. Everyone managed to keep it a total surprise and it was very clear from his reaction that he was delighted. Stuart commented...

"Thank you again for all of the support that you and Rotary have given to me personally, and to all of the young musicians across the town that we have been able to work with. I feel so privileged to live and work in such a great town, and the support from the various organisations such as Rotary make it all very special"

Baby Necessities based in Basepoint in Romsey are a baby bank providing new and pre-loved items to families in need. They work on a referral basis and provide items for both children and parents. We made a donation of £250. This will be spent initially on nappies and breast pumps. They are keen to promote mothers using their own milk as its free!! These are expensive but essential items. We will continue to work closely with the charity and become involved in future projects. Check out their Facebook page. They put up a wish-list every Wednesday. or visit their facebook page

North Baddesley Primary School It was so great to be able to support their amazing Firework Display this year. We purchased £150 worth of tickets which were then given to Romsey Community Panty and distributed to families and individuals in the local area. This was a great way to support two charities and more importantly local people benefiting from one donation.

Community Panty A huge thank you to fellow Rotarians that kindly donated food items. It was a great haul of goods and very much appreciated. We also had a good response from facebook and we have been contacted by several people who A. Now know that the pantry exists and will contribute and B. Are interested in hearing about Rotary in Romsey and how they can get involved.

A great positive outcome.


We have again linked up with Chris Nixon of the Southampton Magna Club for this tournament. We had a great talk from Jitendra Gopal Head of iT at Mountbatten to talk to our club all about this great project for for KS3 and KS4 children. Watch this space for more news!

Dictionaries for life!

Every year the Rotary Club of Romsey Test gives an illustrated DK Dictionary to every child in year 4. Originally this was just for schools in SO51 but the popularity of this initiative means they have expanded to include 12 schools and 422 children as far away as Kings Somborne and Nomansland.

Rotary International is committed to improving literacy throughout the world and in this age of screens, tablets and smartphones it is a delight to see the enthusiasm that the children show when they receive their dictionary which is theirs to keep forever. Thank you to those who supported Stuart organise this project. All of our schools have signed up again for next year plus a few more!!


Rainbow Volunteer Club is a not for profit charitable organisation working for the welfare of children and youth since 2015 in Kathmando in Nepal. In cooperation with the local government they have established a free school was established in 2018.

They wanted to improve/upgrade their Audio Visual classroom and we teamed up with the Rotary Club in Kathmando North East to help them out.

They literally built a whole new room with carpet, computer desks, speakers, television. Look at how great this looks now!

Thank you for reading!

If you would like to receive our newsletter on a quarterly basis, click the link here......

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